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Healing Pathways
Naturopathic Clinic

Healing Pathways Medical Clinic provides treatments and therapies using methods that bridge both conventional and natural medicine and integrates scientific research with the healing power of nature. As a naturopathic clinic we are adept at helping people with a wide range of conditions ranging from common medical conditions to brain disorders.

*Cancer Treatment Center
*Naturopathic Medicine
*Massage therapy
*Nutritional counseling

Naturopathic medicine is based on a holistic approach combining safe and effective traditional therapies along with modern scientific approaches in medicine. One of the key differences between traditional (allopathic) medicine and naturopathic medicine is that naturopathy focuses on the individual rather than treating based on the generality of symptoms.   More about Naturopathy . . .

Some conditions we treat include but are not limited to:

Alcoholism and addictions
Anxiety and panic attacks
Auto-immune diseases
Back and neck pain
Blood pressure problems
Cardiovascular diseases
Carpel tunnel syndrome
Cerebral Palsy
Chronic pain
Cholesterol problems
Colds and flu
Depression/mood disorders
Developmental delays
Digestive disorders

Ear and sinus infections
Eczema/skin diseases
Fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue
IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis
Kidney disorders
Lifestyle counseling
Rheumatic diseases
Smoking cessation
Stress management
Thyroid disorders
Weight loss
Women's health
Wellness & Prevention

What is Neuro Development?

In the search for physical and mental wholeness, we have to consider the fundamentals and basic principles around which our body is built.  We call this a developmental approach.  The body and brain develop from the simple to the complex, from the head down, and in specific developmental order.  Any interruption in that developmental process causes any higher levels of function to be distorted.  In order to restore order to the whole body and mind, you have to begin with the lowest level of dysfunction in the body and straighten it out first before the subsequent levels can be properly organized.  We believe this to be a foundational truth and rely on the simplicity of this principle to guide us in the handling of the injured and hurting people that enter our clinic’s door.

Neuro Development assessments and therapies are the means whereby we evaluate and correct brain disorders, brain injuries and developmental delays by assessing motor, cognizant, academic, emotional and neuro-processing functions along with sensory integration abilities. Utilizing the principles of brain development and neuroplasticity an individual therapy program is then designed for the patient. The therapies will cause aberrant brain development to progress and will advance new neurological pathways around damaged areas of the brain.
"Dr. Andrew Dickens has been a lifesaver for my son! He demonstrates a patient, kind, generous spirit working with my son who recently developed what is being diagnosed by traditional medical psychiatrists as bipolar disorder w/ psychotic tendency… I am eternally grateful to Dr. Andrew for his treatment of my son-- his expertise, knowledge, and genuine dedication to facilitate my son's healing! "
Rev. Rebecca Hagman, BA, MIM, RYT, RTT

Neuro Development assessments and therapies are excellent for developing the human potential in regards to sports abilities and academic achievement. It is a way to accelerate the brain’s learning processes and coordinate the brain with the body for superior motor function.     

The Clinic Director

The clinic director, Andrew Dickens, NMD is a naturopathic physician. He has a special interest in Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS) and uses it as a means both to assess weaknesses in the body and to give direction as to how to correct those conditions.