Articles by Dr. Andrew Dickens

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Autism - Pieces of the Puzzle

Lecture Notes for seminar.
This 2 hour lecture will cover the developmental aberrations in the autistic child. It will address what can be done about autism to stimulate the Autistic/PDD/Asperger child to a higher level of function.

Autism and "Jim Jones" Medical Treatments©

The point of this article is to show that there are very persuasive and dynamic people out there, some with medical degrees, that are teaching and promulgating false and hurtful therapies (and/or disregarding helpful, science based therapies). 

The Bittersweet Truth

Lecture Notes on the different types of sugars and artificial sweeteners, what to avoid and those that are safe.

Breast Cancer and Iodine

The significance of iodine and it's link to breast cancer.

Cancer Ignorant

Notes on cancer,  what it is, what not to do, testing, and what to do.

Down Syndrome – Hidden Miracles

Lecture notes for seminar.
Covers history, signs, frequency, testing, associated medical disorders, newborn and infinite requirements and early intervention, adolescence with Down Syndrome, Adults with Down Syndrome, Supplementation and lifestyle changes.

Eczema, Food Allergies, and the Nursing Infant

Lecture notes on allergies verses sensitivities, prevention, and healing.

Go Away, You Bother Me! Allergies and What to do About Them

Dr. Dickens covers allergies, what they are, what to do, asthma or allergies, and solutions.

Iodine "A Mineral Most Sublime"

Lecture notes on Iodine, what it is, who needs it, the symptoms of deficiency, and treatments.

Interstitial Cyctitis (IC)

Lecture notes covering definition, symptons, tests and diagnosis, conventional and alternative treatments.

Kidney Stones Causes and Natural Solutions

by Craig Stellpflug, NDC Neuro Development Consultant
Kidney stones are symptoms of imbalances in the body. If we understand what kidney stones are, why kidney stones form and what dissolves them we can now treat the underlying causes to "cure" the body of kidneys stones

The Law of Distractions Audio Presentation

This radio show features both Craig and Dr D in an interview with Joe Carraccio host of The Law of Distraction radio show. Hear about both neuro development and bio-medical causes of distractiblity which is one of the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

Letter to the Editor

Regarding mercury.

The Misdiagnosed and Over Medicated - ADD/ADHD

Lecture notes for the seminar.
Covers symptoms, causes, tests, drugs, the 1999 Multimodal Treatment Study of ADHD and alternatives.

No Gluten for Me! But it's food isn't it?

The more I see people at our clinic eating a gluten free diet, the more I realize how bad our modern day wheat (and other gluten containing grains) is for our bodies. Man’s conquest and domestication of wheat, rye and other glutenous grains has revolutionized our diets from berries, nuts and meats to our modern day diet laced with and often dominated by gluten grains.

Notes from Gluten Lecture 9/23/2010

Topics covered are modern day wheat varieties and their effects on the body.

Overcoming Addictions Lecture Notes

The more the brain’s chemistry is out of balance the more likely that addictions will occur which will further unbalance the brain.

Prenatal Nutrition and much more

Notes on caloric intake, protein intake, thyroid function, vitamin intake, mineral intake, essential fatty acids, perinatal depression, and more.

Smart Heart Health

How to cheat the doctor, save money, live long, and prosper. Lecture notes covering basic health care in America, disease, and prevention and healing.

Strokes: Prevention and Recovery

Facts about strokes, symptoms, allopathic medical management, prevention, and healing including supplements and homeopathy.

Silly Thyroid (and those Goofy Adrenals)

Lecture notes on the seminar, topics covered: Physiology, Symptoms, Testing, Thyroid Support, Treatment, "And Those Goofy" Adrenals

Those Goofy Adrenals (and that Silly Thyroid)

Lecture notes on the seminar, topics covered: Anatomy and Function, Dysregulation, Symptoms, Testing, and Support for adrenal fatigue syndrome.

"We're NOT Having Fun Yet"

Lecture notes on stress and anxiety, and the role of cortisol.

Weight Loss

Lecture notes for the Weight Loss seminar. Lecture presents the facts of weight gain, examines the causes, analyzes several diet plans, and reviews several metabolic functions associated with weight gain and loss.