The Allergic Response Development:

Allergies develop when the outside environment is able to penetrate the barrier mechanisms of the body. The respiratory system (nose, sinuses, throat, trachea, lungs) is defeated when the mucous membranes dry out. This allows the allergens such as pollens, dust, molds, and other airborne pollutants to be trapped. The body then becomes sensitized to these irritants. In like manner, if the gut mucosa is disturbed, this again may cause a sensitization. Also, if there is an incomplete digestion of protein or if one food is eaten too often sensitization may occur. Finally, if the barrier of the skin is broken or too dry, this may allow the sensitization process to occur. Thus, the barrier functions must be evaluated and supported in order for the allergic response treatment to be successful.
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As the thyroid and adrenal glands have been stressed by the allergic sensitization response, they will need to be evaluated and supported. This is in addition to the stress and pollutants of modern life, which in itself is a tremendous burden to the body!

Allergy Evaluation:

The most common ways allergies are evaluated are with a scratch test, intradermal injection, or skin patch to challenge the body with various allergens. Positive tests then give an allergic wheal to a particular antigen. Instead of this, we use the energetic signals of over 6,500 items ranging from pollens, to chemicals, to foods, just to name only a few groups. In addition, specific items such as the dust and debris from the patients™ very own home, work, or school can be tested. Allergies and sensitivities start and are first manifested in the energetic field before they can be measured in the Newtonian and physical world. By acknowledging this and measuring that patients’ subtle electrical response to an energetic challenge the offending allergens can be identified.


First, the offensive allergens that cause a reaction need to be identified. Then those electronic energetic signals, each of which are as unique as a human fingerprint, can be imprinted into a homeopathic remedy. Then while holding the remedy and tapping with a reflex hammer specific acupuncture points as developed by Konrad Kail ND, the body is reinstructed that the offending allergens and do not require the “fire alarms and sirens” they once used to elicit.  By keeping the patient from the allergens and stopping the allergic response for a 24 hour period the body will reset to a new/normal pattern of not having an allergic response.


Now the goal is to maintain the barrier mechanisms in order to stop the allergic response from redeveloping.  If the barriers break down then there will be another allergic response necessitating another treatment.

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