Breast Cancer

One Breast Cancer Stage IV

Reoccurrence after 2 stem cell transplant failures with metastasis to pancreas, liver, skull, lungs and abdominal lining

5/95  44 yr. old female diagnosed w/reoccurrence of Breast Cancer 4 ½ months after 2 stem cell back to back bone marrow transplants from cancer clinic in Los Angeles.

Metastasis to skull, abdominal lining, lungs, pancreas, & liver

6/95 initiated an aggressive oral nutraceutical program

8/95 CAT & bone scans indicate absence of all tumors

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Stage 4

4/01 37 yr. old female diagnosed w/ Inflammatory Breast Cancer w/METS to virtually everywhere in skeletal system

4/01 to 6/02 chemo followed by radiation and hyperthermia with nominal success on old tumors & new tumors appearing weekly.  Fails local IPT therapy (insulin potentiated therapy given with low dose chemo).

6/02 Initiated oral & I.V. program

8/02 Scans & physical exams in France found no tumors anywhere, bone pain totally gone!


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