Follicular Lymphoma Stage 2C & B-cell Lymphoma Cancers: 8 Tumors in Head

9/01 54 yr old male diagnosed with 8 tumors in head with the largest being golf ball size. Patient initiated oral program.

10/01 PET & CAT Scan revealed all masses except right neck mass was gone. Neck mass rapidly shrinking and reduced to 1.2 cm

10/03 Patient still in full remission & feeling great

Burkett’s Lymphoma Stage 4

11/99 64 yr. old male developed an orange-size mass under his jaw. Biopsy mass and multiple bone biopsies indicated Burkett’s Lymphoma with B-Cell Lymphoma w/full skeletal METS in bone marrow!

Given Weeks to Live!!

1/2000 Initiated chemo & therapy was stopped due to potential CNS metastasis

1/2000 Initiated oral & I.V. program

6/2000 CAT scans revealed total absence of tumors. Bone biopsy indicated no more CA!

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