Neuro Development

Neuro Development assessments and therapies are the means whereby we evaluate and correct brain disorders, brain injuries and developmental delays by assessing motor, cognizant, academic, emotional and neuro-processing functions along with sensory integration abilities. Utilizing the principles of brain development and neuroplasticity, an individual therapy program is then designed for the patient. The therapies program will cause aberrant brain development to progress and advance new neurological pathways around damaged areas of the brain. The developmental therapies also improve motor, cognizance, academic, emotional, neuro-processing and sensory integration abilities.

     Neuro Development assessments and therapies are excellent for developing the human potential in regards to sports abilities and academic achievement. It is a way to accelerate the brain’s learning processes and coordinate the brain with the body for superior motor function.

     Neuro development assessments and therapies are not medical treatments but rather address neurological organization, processing skills, and developmental deficits. Neither are they licensed or regulated by the State of Arizona.

"Craig: I have to tell you that Noah is doing 4 auditory seq. processing easily now; visual is a little slower, but he is still working on 4. BUT, I have to tell you that he is easily riding his bike; he even stood up on it today.I am so excited....This is huge...HUGE!!! I keep seeing one thing after the other. This is such a miracle to me. I can shout from the roof top right now. I can't believe what I am seeing everyday from him. I wish I would have met you years ago. Every thing would have been so different. Oh well. It was meant to be now and I am thankful for NOW".
Tammy C., Ohio

The Developmental Approach works with:

  • Children
  • Adults
  • Brain Injuries:
    Regaining Mobility
    Educational Abilities
  • Sports:
    Improve Mobility
    Decision Making Skills
  • Academics:
    Improve reading and math abilities
    Accelerate learning
  •  Enuresis (bedwetting)
  • Remediate Symptoms of:
    Down Syndrome
    Learning Disabilities
    Cerebral Palsy
    Developmental Delays
    Brain Injuries
    Other brain disorders  
  • Improve neuro efficiency of “normal” individuals to accelerate educational and vocational skills

Articles about Neuro Development

“Helping hurt kids become normal
and normal kids to become exceptional”

"Greg continues to improve…He is more conversational than ever and can talk to us about what he observes…I can’t remember a time before when he could answer a direct question… I love to watch the miraculous unfold in any way shape or form… Gregory was autistic… Within two weeks, Greg’s language had taken a big jump forward. Other family members commented on how great his progress was in such a short time. I still see things happening with Greg almost out of the blue… No parent could desire anything better for his or her child."
Laura Altz


"Just wanted to let you know how wonderful our appointment was..Sean was put through the paces, very lovingly. He checked Sean from head to toe. We have been given a pretty good size list of things to do daily...from pleoptics to massage, and much inbetween. For the first time, in therapy...we feel that someone else knows what they are doing , where we need to be, and actually has a gameplan in how to get there. This is a WONDERFUL feeling. I cried before we left the place, sheer relief. I cried half way home, joy. It was definately worth the trip..."

 Julie Romero, Mom to Sean 11 months w Down Syndrome, New Iberia, LA