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Solutions for ADD/ADHD

ADD/ADHD is a symptomatic label that’s growing in popularity in epidemic proportions. The symptoms of ADD/ADHD have their roots in both medical and developmental causes. . . . The real solution is to identify root causes of individual symptoms at their neuro-developmental, behavioral, and metabolic origins. The causes are then remediated by way of neuro-developmental therapies in conjunction with natural medical remedies and other drug free and non-invasive therapies.

Just How Old Is Your Child?

An Essay on Sequential Processing
by Craig Stellpflug
Sequential processing is the brain’s ability to receive, process, store, retrieve, and utilize information in the specific order received by the senses.

Placating a Nation

The Atrocity of Medical Treatment without Informed Consent
by Craig Stellpflug
There is a population of people in the world today that are subject to involuntary medical treatment similar to that of the former Nazi regime and the Soviet Gulags. Masses of targeted population were then and are again today being medicated without informed consent. . .

Basic Eye Development and Associated Problems

An Essay on Brain and Eye Development
by Craig Stellpflug NDC
Topics include: Pupil Response, Outline Perception, Eye Convergence, Bilateral Tracking, Central Detail Perception, Recognition of Symbols, Reading Skills, problems and tests for each topic.

Auditory Challenges

The solution for auditory challenges lies in identifying and eliminating the causes of the hearing distortions and aberrant development. . . . Once the foundational aberration in hearing development is restored then normal hearing development can resume on the next higher level.

Laterality of the Brain

by Craig Stellpflug
Mixed dominance can be found at the root of many problems such as dyslexia, emotionality, slow thinking, poor judgment, poor sense of time, distractibility, poor coordination and control of body parts, academic shortfalls, stuttering, bad judge of distance, and a host of other inefficiencies of the brain.

The Danger of Symptomatic Labels

by Craig Stellpflug
. . . There can even be permanent and devastating effects from labels which result in slower learning paces, special allowances and drugs administered to the hapless “victim” of labeling.

Solutions for Dyslexia

by Craig Stellpflug
Dyslexia is an information storage and retrieval issue in the brain.
The solution to this dilemma of Dyslexia is to retrain the brain to store the dominant hemisphere information in its proper place, and the subdominant information in its proper place. 

Understanding Down Syndrome Features

It is the parent's responsibility to become educated in their child's condition to stay abreast of the dynamic needs of the Down Syndrome child. . . . In order to gain an overview of this subject we will first discuss basic biology and cellular structure as it relates to Down Syndrome. This will be followed up by cellular function as it relates to Down Syndrome with a particular focus on nerve cells and neurotransmitters.

Down Syndrome Facts
Things about the child with Down Syndrome that every parent should know

Topics covered are the genetic variations, how and when Down Syndrome occurs, prenatal screening, diagnosis, features, medical disorders common to Down Syndrome, and help for parents of a child with Down Syndrome.

Vaccines, Encephalitis, and the Brain

Propitiously, it has been found that impairment of these developmental processes in myellination also alters neural communications without necessarily causing severe neural damage and while not presenting a medically diagnosed problem. These facts have been adequately proven by science, but ignored and suppressed by mainstream medical establishment.

Brain Structure

Neuro-plasticity is an innate process by which healthy brain cells will take over the function of injured or dead cells and damaged connections. There is always more than one center of the brain that can take over the function of lost or impaired centers. Stimulating therapies will accelerate this “rewiring” of the brain by providing sufficient opportunity for the brain to establish new connections to healthy brain centers.

Listening and Learning

Most learning takes place through hearing and seeing. When there are distortions of any kind in these functions there will always be deviations in development that ultimately manifest in learning and behavior dysfunctions ending ultimately, in developmental labels. If the quality of the hearing is bad or the process of hearing in the brain is disorganized, then the rest of the functions that depend on hearing are affected.


Craig Stellpflug defines Epilepsy, its causes and treatments. 
"Epilepsy is not a single disorder, but covers a wide spectrum of problems characterized by unprovoked, recurring seizures that disrupt normal neurologic functions. Epileptic seizures occur when a group of nerve cells in the brain (neurons) become activated simultaneously, emitting sudden and excessive bursts of electrical energy. This hyperactivity of neurons can occur in various locations in the brain and, depending on the location . . ."

Autism - Pieces of the Puzzle

Notes from the seminar Autism - Pieces of the Puzzle.
Topics include: autism defined, possible complications, prognosis, associated conditions and prevalence by state statistics. The relationship between vaccines and autism is also discussed. Treatments are suggested.

ADD/ADHD Misdiagnosed and Overmedicated Audio Presentation

This is a one hour show where Craig talks about ADD/ADHD Misdiagnosed and Overmedicated. Hear Craig talk about the cranium and Bio Cranial Therapy, Neuro Development and symptoms and causes of symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

ADHD Drug Alternatives

This article is about medication alternatives for ADHD. Also covered is the long term effects of the medications commonly used to treat ADHD

The Law of Distractions Audio Presentation

This radio show features both Craig and Dr D in an interview with Joe Carraccio host of The Law of Distraction radio show. Hear about both neuro development and bio-medical causes of distractiblity which is one of the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.

Lazy Eye; A Developmental Disorder

Eye crossing and eye development. This article covers the developmental aspects of a strabismus, often called lazy eye, cross eye, wall eye or amblyopia. A strabismus is not a medical condition but rather has its roots in eye/brain development.

Thriving or Surviving

Thriving or Surviving; Thriving in a toxic world. The difference between surviving and thriving with health can be determined by the toxins that infiltrate our bodies.

Emotions, Mixed Dominance and the Brain

Emotions are a vital and important part of every human psyche and are expressed outwardly through such means as crying, laughing, fighting and fleeing. However, when a situation calls for a logical response and we respond with an emotional outburst instead, that inappropriate behavioral response is known as emotionality.

The Rising Tide of Autism

When I first entered the field of neuro development about 15 years ago the number of children with autism was about 1 out of every 650 children. Since then . . . the CDC announced a staggering new figure; 1 out of every 91 children are now affected . . .

Topics covered are "What is Autism", "Cortical Spillage", "What is the Cause of Autism", "The Contributions of Antibiotics to Autism", and "What do We do Now?"

No Shots - Not School - Not True

Notes regarding immunizations and their effects on children. The paper covers infant death rates, mercury in vaccines, diseases caused by vaccines, side affects, and failures.

America on Drugs: Misguided Trust

Newsweek magazine reports that side effects from prescription drugs are now the fourth leading cause of death in the US according to a recent article in the Journal of American Medical Association.

Preconception and Early Child Development

Preconception is the time before conception to plan a pregnancy. During this time, evaluate and make changes to your lifestyle and diet that can both help increase your chances of getting pregnant and birthing a healthy baby.

Fetal and Early Child Neuro Development

Lecture notes for Paradise Community College PSY240 Developmental Psychology. Topics covered: Fetal development, prenatal care, early child care, the final product.

Emotional Eating "The Battle for the Mind"!

Eating can be a highly emotional process. Food does more than just fill our stomachs. If you take more notice of what you are eating, why you are eating it and what you are feeling it may surprise you. While eating to satisfy hunger is a normal function, emotional eating can be a self defeating and destructive force in someone’s life.

Metal Detoxing with Clay

Rashes that are not treatable with antifungal crèmes, zinc oxides and antibiotics are often due to metal toxicity.