Renal Cell Cancer

11/01 36 yr. old male diagnosed with Renal Cell Cancer  w/complications of Hepatitis-C. Nephrectomy surgery was performed & chemo (Interferon) was initiated immediately

1/02 Bone scan indicated METS to T9 vertebrae, skull, pelvis, left femur, left foot. CAT scan showed metastasis to both lungs

2/02 Initiated oral program only, then stopped

3/02 Metastatic Cancer to skeletal system & lungs progressed dramatically. Lungs filling w/fluid. NIH gave him 1 month to live. Patient re-initiated oral program & started I.V. program for 3-weeks

4/02 Bone scan showed a significant reduction in multiple metastasis to skeletal system. Patient continued with oral program.

8/02 NIH diagnosed him in “full remission”

10/2003 Still in full remission!

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