Thyroid Cancer


Primary Thyroid METS 4CA Complicated w/Renal CA & CLL Leukemia: 74 yr. Male

Previous history of I-131 treatment with virtual no uptake & failed treatment outcomes

2/99 Surgery: Left Thyroid lobectomy indicating thyroid CA w/Hurthle Cell Diff w/papillary CA & positive thyroglobulin. Vertebral body & epidural space METS + 6th, 7th & partial 9th rib resection indicating MET thyroid CA.
3/26/99 Surgery: Additional rib resection + rt. Chest wall 8 cm x 6 cm mass pathology:   thyroid CA. Right kidney nephrectomy w/multiple tumors: mixed clear cell & granular renal cell primary CA
12/2001 PET Scan: Multiple hypermetabolic foci: Right, left upper & middle lung zones, right hilar area, right anterior ribs, proximal right femur consistent with bone marrow METS, superior & medial to right kidney suggesting adrenal gland involvement, pelvic uptake, right lateral basal segment of lung, uptake in the right & left residual area of both lobes of thyroid, left lobe of liver and additional foci in the mediastinal area.
3/2002 I-131 Study/Scan: Hypermetabolic Uptake: Right & Left thyroid previous lobe areas, left lobe of liver and right lingual area. Absent foci was both lungs, indicating lung METS was probably renal cell CA primary METS.

10/30/02 Initiated BioImmune oral + I.V. program

Given 3 weeks to live by patient’s Oncologist in 10/2004

11/25/2002 PET Whole Body Scan: Total resolution of numerous previous intense hypermetabolic areas: right renal & suprarenal areas, right midchest & posterior pleural lung regions, slight activity in the right paraspinal region, T6-7. New  activity in the right hip and greater trochanter of 1 cm compared to previous PET   of 12/2001
12/16/2002 High Resolution CAT scan: Complete resolution of new foci from PET Scan of 11/25/2003 !! Patient is in full remission!!

Maintained Nutraceutical Maintenance Program

12/2003 Patient is still in complete remission!!

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